Little White Lies (1998 TV movie)


On Television: December 16, 1997
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Director: Philip Saville


The tragic, unexpected death of David in a car-crash causes the cozy, safe life of gardener Beth to be thrown into complete chaos. In the aftermath, as Beth begins to pick up the pieces, worrying facts come to light about David’s illegal deals with Oliver, the family solicitor, and his apparent long-running, illicit affair with Julia, Oliver’s wife. In her distress and disbelief Beth digs deeper into her husband’s private affairs and uncovers another layer of lies and deceit concerning Julia’s mental stability and her friends’ hollow, loveless marriage. Beth’s anger and desperation for the truth about the husband she loved drives her ever on toward the truth behind tragic events of the past which lead inevitably towards further tragedy to come.

Tara Fitzgerald as Beth Marsh
Cherie Lunghi as Julia
Peter Bowles as Oliver
Gerard Butler as Peter
Janie Dee as Helen
Martin Wenner as David Marsh
Poppy Rogers as Rosie