Fast Food (1999)


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In Theaters: May 17, 1998 (France)
Rating: Not Rated / 99 Minutes
Genre: Comedy
Director: Stewart Sugg


Benny is back. He’s come home to visit the friends he knew, to find the girl he once loved and become the man he might have been. In the years he’s been gone things have changed quite a bit. His boyhood friends Zac, Jacko, Bisto and Flea are now big talking, wannabe criminals who spend their days playing cards, arguing about the Royal Family and eating repellent fast food. But they’ve also been plotting to rob a local mobster’s safe. And that robbery has come to include Benny.


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Douglas Henshall as Benny
Emily Woof as Letitia
Miles Anderson as Dwayne
Stephen Lord as Flea
Gerard Butler as Jacko

Danny Midwinter as Bisto
Robert Donavan as Zac
Graham Turner as Ernie
Sean Hughes as Fish


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