An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (1997 TV series)


Debuted: October 24, 1997 (UK)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: Ben Bolt, John Strickland, David Evans, and Mary McMurray

In the episode, Playing God, Cordelia Grey is employed by a police inspector. Detective Ferguson does not approve of his only daughter’s boyfriend, Dr Tim Bolton. Cordelia’s job is to get the dirt on the Dr and bring it back to Ferguson so he can bust the romance. There’s dirt to be found, but there’s also a dead body. In spite of the fact Cordelia is told to drop the case, she won’t.

Helen Baxendale as Cordelia Gray
Annette Crosbie as Edith Sparshott / Mrs Sparshott / Mrs. Sparshott)
Rosemary Leach as Miss Markland
Struan Rodger as DCS Fergusson / Fergusson)
Gerry Butler as Tim Bolton


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