Tales of the Black Freighter (2009 video short)


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In Theaters: March 24, 2009 (USA)
Genre: Action, Animation, Action, Horror, Short
Rating: R / 26 Minutes
Director: Daniel DelPurgatorio, Mike Smith


The Black Freighter tells the story of a Mariner whose ship comes under attack by the Pirate fiends of the ghastly Black Freighter. His ship is destroyed and his men are murdered. As the freighter makes its way towards his home town, the Mariner now isolated on a nearby beach island thinks, plans and executes the unthinkable in order to get back to town before his family and his people are ravaged by those on the Black Freighter. But when the Mariner finally makes his way back, he discovers a truth so shocking he can barley believe it.


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Gerard Butler as The Sea Captain
Cam Clarke as Money Lender
Siobhan Flynn as Sea Captain’s Daughter
Jared Harris as Ridley
Salli Saffioti as Sea Captain’s Daughter
Lori Tritel as Sea Captain’s Wife


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