Machine Gun Preacher (2011)


In Theaters: September 23, 2011 LA & NY and limited release (USA)
Genre: Action, Biography, War
Rating: R
Director: Marc Forster

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, addicted gang biker Sam Childers is released from prison and learns that his wife Lynn is no longer a stripper but has converted to Christianity. One night, Sam and his best friend Donnie give a ride to a hitchhiker who threatens Donnie with a pocketknife; however Sam reacts and turns the tables on the stranger. Sam is affected by the incident and is convinced by Lynn and his mother Daisy to join their church, and he is baptized. Sam finds a straight job in construction. When he meets a preacher from Africa, he decides to visit the continent. Sam travels to Northern Uganda and South Sudan many times and builds an orphanage for the victims of the cruel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Further, he fights whenever necessary and becomes a legend known as The Machine Gun Preacher.

Gerard Butler as Sam Childers
Michelle Monaghan as Lynn Childers
Michael Shannon as Donnie
Madeline Carroll as Paige Childers
Kathy Baker as Daisy Childers
Souleymane Sy Savane as Deng





  1. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. Having read about Sam Childers and his mission in Africa I just really feel that this is one that Gerry is going to be outstanding in.

  2. I can’t wait for this movie to come out! It was shoot almost on my doorstep in South Africa and I didn’t know about that ! I would have loved to caught a glimpse of my favourite actor, but the press kept silent about him in South Africa and I deeply resent them for that!! Janita

    • Same here! Only read about it after he had left SA. Apparently he was chilling at Fez in CPT. Where was he filming near you? CPT? JHB?

  3. Haleigh

    i can’t wait for the movie to came out. Gerard is awsome in every movie but the bsut i seen in the phantom of the opera.he’s my favorite actor in the whole wide world…..

  4. i am really waiting patiently to see this film, because although i love gbutt in most of his films, especially the ones since tombraider, and he gives his all in all the genres, but he really shows us what hes got when he does films like law abiding citizen, butterfly on a wheel, corolanius and of course this one which are so much more involved mentally. 

  5. Too bad a lot of us are not going to be able to support this movie with the limited distribution going on it’s going to be another great one pushed aside!! I can’t believe that it’s no where on the list in the state of NY! Guess I’ll be seeing other movies….A Dolphin Tale looks good! 


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