Gerard Butler’s Den of Thieves 2 filming on Tenerife – photos

Photos of, and articles about the filming of Gerard Butler’s “Den of Thieves 2” continues on Tenerife this week via el dias Spain.

The first article posted April 24, 2023 (translated from Spanish to English via Google Translate):
“Motors, action, figuration!”. With this cry, the filming of one of the scenes of the second part of Game of thieves (Den of thieves) began on Monday in the neighborhood of La Salud. The area, which has become accustomed in recent years to hosting these large productions, was completely transformed to accommodate the production team.

Princesa Guacimara street, known for housing one of the most important gofio mills in the capital, was completely disabled for vehicle parking since Sunday. In this way, along its entire length, more than a dozen trucks of film material and other types of equipment and a generator to meet the needs of filming could be seen. In the morning, the activity focused mainly on the corner of Príncipe Ruyman street and Benahore street. There, the La Esquina Hamburger-Cafeteria was transformed into the Romani et fils ice cream parlor, an establishment set in Morocco, according to what the residents of the road announced on Monday. In this way, and thanks to the magic of cinema, Príncipe Ruyman street became Rue Basse for a few hours.

«They have been preparing everything on the premises for a week; They have changed the tables and chairs and removed the machines, for example, “explained one of the employees of the hamburger shop. “They changed the signs and part of the decoration and they will be working inside one day. We are very proud that our place is going to appear in the film, “she added.

In the neighborhood of La Salud they are beginning to be used to this type of international filming. In fact, the residents of the area joked that in recent years Príncipe Ruymán street has been Greece, Brazil and Morocco. In fact, it may be one of the most cinematic streets in the country. The filming of Bourne 5, Rambo V: Last Blood has passed through here and now it is the turn of the second part of Game of Thieves, a film starring Gerard Butler and the rapper 50 Cents. For the inconvenience, the production team has paid 50 euros to each of the residents of the street. They have had to withdraw their vehicles for almost two days and yesterday, at some moments of filming, they had limited access to or exit from their homes. In addition to the burger joint, the garage in one of the buildings was turned into a grocery store. On the corner, and under a makeshift awning, the team set up a street fruit stand. The take included the participation of at least a dozen extras who simulated walking down the street or riding a motorcycle. Until now, the filming of Game of Thieves 2 has also happened through the Salamanca neighborhood and through Anaga avenue.
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The article posted on 5/1 (translated via Google):
Gerard Butler took a bath today at Las Teresitas beach. He did it on the occasion of the filming of the movie Game of Thieves 2 (Den of Thieves), which has been filming for more than a week in various locations on the Island. The British actor, internationally known for his performances in films such as 300 or El A soldier of God, he arrived in the area to film several scenes, including one in which he was seen coming out of the water with an evident attitude of fatigue. He was accompanied by fellow actor and rapper O’Shea Jackson Jr.

From very early, practically from 6:30 in the morning, the filming crew was working in the final area of the capital’s beach, very close to the breakwater. The permission for filming was extended until approximately 9:30 a.m. to avoid further inconvenience to the public, since today May 1 is a national holiday and many Tenerife residents will choose Las Teresitas to take a bath, especially with the high temperatures expected to be achieved during the day.

In addition to the usual trucks with the technical equipment, it was also possible to see the wardrobe and makeup team, who made sure that the performers were ready for each scene. Both Butler and his partner Jackson Jr. waded fully clothed into the water and appeared to appear exhausted to emerge from the water after some type of incident. They repeated this shot several times and, at the end of each one, they received towels from their team to protect themselves.

On the beach, quite busy at that time by athletes and neighbors who come early to exercise, everything went normally. Some passers-by stopped at the height of the blue tent located in the sand to take a look at the work, but they quickly continued on their way.

Last Tuesday, the arrival to the Island of Thieves 2 surprised the residents of the Health neighborhood. The filming focused mainly on Príncipe Ruymán street. The producer transformed Hamburguesería-Cafeteria La Esquina into an ice cream parlor located in Morocco, which they named Romani et fils. The street also changed its name to become Rue Basse and the street was filled with fruit and vegetable stalls. This international filming has also passed through the central Salamanca district and through Anaga avenue.

From what has been known so far, the filming of the second part of Den of Thieves, will take place entirely in Spain for nine weeks. It will be, approximately, until next June. There will be locations both in Tenerife and Gran Canaria and it is planned to pass through one of the island’s airports and through several highways.

The first installment of Den of Thieves was released in 2018. In the plot, a group of elite police officers led by Nick O’Brien (played by Butler) confront a gang of ex-military officers who intend to rob the federal reserve in the city of The Angels. In this second part, everything indicates that Christian Gudegast will repeat as director of the film. Apparently, in this new installment, Donnie (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) must go on the run when a diamond exchange goes wrong.
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