Gerry’s ‘The Plane’ gets Worldwide Rights via Solstice Studios[0]=AZUZCt5Fhn7gGAvMFMd74fNX_tQocA7jdmxVmnjhq73E0aD5FTOU4AYLUjY2HeiR6RYm6FuzQ6SAMqJSb1NNHanGR0jtcM3hpIWeHgvugWebXMgT6NjXeXjV2Ctm4MoAtv9K6B3ppj-a52BLrFGMCZKdRHOZm_AJbqLs7pXQzCqpeNBIstL-xC05msuKsmlHv40&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R



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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Elloit Carver is an egotistical media baron. Carver has the power to reach every person on the planet through his Carver Media Group Network- except for the People's Republic of Chinese who refuse his presence in their country. When he is tied to the disappearance of a British battleship in the South China Sea, James Bond is sent to investigate.

EXCLUSIVE! gbGALS has New #AngelHasFallen clip: Forest Bombing

EXCLUSIVE! First look at Angel Has Fallen clip In Theaters August 23rd. With thanks to Angel Has Fallen and Lionsgate.

Social Media roundup of Gerry in Georgia end of June 2019

London Has Fallen Set Visit video from Fandango!

On set interview with the cast of London Has Fallen.

Gerry’s Interliving Ad Spot for German TV

Roundup of Interliving (Germany) Ad Campaign, including TV spot, BTS of photoshoot, social media, more.