COVID affects both Gerard Butler’s #ThePlane and #KandaharMovie[0]=AZWgHTMWDdOx0s4VuKu50Hxs3RqoatVHLw31He-Q0-vqn1oK6Bf3u8FIG4SV8bO4BAbFp_ISBJ2L-yUk7BXQ2u4R4AgWt2dtOvlLJTKyDF7NcdXYaezcqs-0LxMXJBF7Mkem1GkaWrubA1YVM3enbTQmHcFAgeOB3y7l0a30m8RljQJo6Z6Oxr7Hx2Y1uZ0dN1s&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Highlight from the article about Gerry’s scheduled filming:
“Butler’s slots are coveted, but the filmmakers are working on a scenario that will give them time. Butler will make another movie, Kandahar, in the United Arab Emirates, where those filmmakers have figured out a way to work with local government to cushion the COVID aspects of the movie. The plan right now is for that film to step in front of The Plane and shoot in January, and then The Plane will re-board and shoot late spring or summer, possibly back in Malaysia”


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