Actor Gerard Butler gives press briefing at the Pentagon to promote #HunterKiller

32minutes 44seconds, including introducing Gerry:

News Articles:

U.S. Department of Defense

Hollywood came to the Pentagon today as actor Gerard Butler spoke to Pentagon reporters about his collaboration with the U.S. Navy in making “Hunter-Killer,” a submarine movie due out this week. read the entire article here

Actor Gerard Butler and Navy Vice Adm. Fritz Roegge, current president of the National Defense University, speak about the movie “Hunter-Killer” during a Pentagon news conference, Oct. 15, 2018. DOD photo by Jim Garamone

Articles with photo:



The Hill

The Military Times



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HQ Versions at Zimbio (hover cursor over the image, click on the magnifying glass)

Social Media:[0]=68.ARB8VQ8x9H7qMbhOKXZx4hvgojds8sv3ky1wXqstq2HaovOap1Od1t97wWMDg-_kSbhWjKTfvfAy4kUOA5rv5r94v6whMDZH9ZQZOH5ViTL0apx5fpEZpBGjhibRI2AE74T34wGZoUOgFNNYyAuAcLLh2YYU5f1r3fe_V3I8LIq4BZOIyR68YeI5I4JjGkIjcy0w8FsGTSbeWJi9Q0M4WO1r&__tn__=K-R

Thanks to GBI for sharing the DOJ’s Story from IG:



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