Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married (1999 TV series)


Debuted: May 29, 2001 (Sweden)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director: Brian Grant and Sarah Hellings


Lucy Sullivan is getting married, she’s just not sure who is the best man. At 24, Lucy Sullivan is a late bloomer. Now she’s making up for lost time and that means it’s goodbye to Mum and Dad, her home town and boyfriend and hello London, new friends and the wonders of shared accommodation. And one more thing, Lucy Sullivan is getting married. At least that’s what the fortune teller told her and now the rumour has a life of its own – especially around work. If that’s not bad enough, the fortune teller didn’t say who the lucky guy was going to be – only that he wouldn’t be Lucy’s “usual type” and it would happen in a year’s time. For Lucy Sullivan and her many willing friends, it’s more than a challenge, it’s destiny.

Cameron Jack as George
Sam Loggin as Lucy Sullivan
Niall Buggy as Mr. Sullivan
Debbie Chazen as Meredia
Letitia Dean as Charlotte
Zoƫ Eeles as Karen
Gerry Butler as Gus