Windhoek Beer commercial -Keeping it Real With Mr. Gerard Butler

Via Maggie Yc Wang on Facebook:

Windhoek Beer Keeping it Real with Mr Gerard Butler ?

My most proudest piece of work!

• Agency: @littlebig_
• Director: @robsmith_ct
• Team: @mishmashnc @khosikhumalo @rolandsweet @rebeccasmeda @andymacza @kellysweeeet[0]=68.ARAKviuX_SYqKt3EN8FJjMzK_AecbAeaRpkPoNhovCEYnSS7U3-bgrWgrjfUshYqN4Emo1_L4e7bcO_kHJJ1sOs9OWYF-sJN1Lc2_YgwcYIo6i4vp5oks7JDyNzldLF7dSQeH3vh7PbdfBpiR9i1DC3lGGfm5unIRFXhonCO_DNNGPTCoXgnrRSSv117iIg23LMUfEHbZE0dzoi2NQ&__tn__=-R


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