article on Gerry’s Boss/Man of Today event in Madrid

I had never waited so long for a man in my life. In fact, if it had not been him, ‘the #ManOfToday’, probably I’d gone. But it was Gerard Butler who arrived an hour and a half late for our ‘date’ in a suite at the Hotel Eurobuilding in Madrid, and something made ​​me think that the wait worth it. Of course, in El Corte Ingles thousands of fans he had entertained, is what has to be one of the sexiest actors in the world.

Just after 20.30 the room door opened, put mobile burst photo position and appeared Gerard Butler. Impeccable a Hugo Boss suit, alluring, amiable and with an indelible smile, he apologized several times for the Retro and for making us wait, then confess, however, “I’m very excited because he came Sergio Ramos and I have been able to meet in person.” Another point in favor of Gerard Butler has good footballing taste. Of course, he says that “Madrid do not know well, but I love”, so we are sure that there will be many candidates to make guide.

Why Gerard Butler is the perfect #ManOfToday?

As good Hollywood star Gerard Butler remains modest, and when I ask him why he thinks he is the perfect #ManOfToday, says “I do not think it is.” Well, okay, Gerard, I say us and Hugo Boss, so I continued … “but I really like the idea of ​​this campaign, the definition behind the #ManOfToday, a classic man, but with a strong determination, dynamic … because in the end it is how is my life is and I think that Hugo Boss came to me. Good choice, escapes me up.

What I like is the amazing love that is Gerard Butler

 But my big moment with him had not yet come. It had only been about five minutes, and the organizers of this event (the matchmaking, come on), and they put us in a hurry to go to the pictures. I was not staying with my last question in the pipeline (not yet know why the other colleagues did not ask anything …) so I jumped. I had to know, and you too “Sorry, one more question: how do you fall in love Gerard Butler?”.

Silence, expectation, drum roll in my head. Gerard Butler stops, looks and drop a “well, you just do it.” He said, I promise, I have the audio that demonstrates this with its “oh, you just did” in an English rested with Scottish accent, and I heard again a few times if you were imagining. A ‘ooooh’ round the room. And I, as I am happily married, do not throw me into his arms. Because I know him well tell because all the seductive ‘made in Hollywood’ are like that, but I have a story to tell my kids someday. So I recompose and ask him to tell me the truth … “The truth I do not know very well, could not explain well … Sometimes it just happens, it can be a smile, there is a wonderful connection between two people. there is no formula, are details. that’s what I like, what love is surprising, because do not know when it can happen, or how. ”  [note from GALS:  video of this, from another source, at link here at about 31 seconds]

Sighs …

After this, we go to a ‘private photocall’ to immortalize our meeting. Photos, more photos, selfies … And organizers, as always, with their haste. I do not want to go without asking that I send a kiss to all users, and although they try to stop us (again the organizers and their ‘timings’), Gerard, who is a perfect gentleman and a star of truth it eludes this sir, he turns to you and says this:

Is not it charming (and handsome)?

Translation via Google.




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