Photos of Gerry evening event for Hugo Boss/Man of Today at the NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding 2/3/16

Translation (via Google Translate) of above article, which has photos and a video clip:

The actor Gerard Butler, famous for the movie 300, swept last night at the party organized by Hugo Boss, as an image of Boss Bottled. Sure, seductive, friendly, sexy, took the photographers on the street in the photocall and did the same with the famous patriots, happy to meet the Hollywood star.

Last night at the Eurobuilding hotel in Madrid, an immense cloud of photographers received Gerard Butler (for many the 300 Leonid king) when he arrived at the party organized in his honor, as ambassador of the Boss Bottled masculine fragrance. In less than 5 minutes it wasted charisma and sympathy, distilling that no-sé-qué that differentiates a star from the rest of mortals. And then, to the VIP area, to meet a myriad of famous people from the Spanish panorama … Jesús Olmedo, Pepón Nieto, the sisters Alejandra and Eugenia Ortiz Domecq (daughters of Bertín Osborne), Adriana Abenia, Paloma Lago, William Miller, the bailaora Cecilia Gómez -he deferred to the Scottish actor with an improvised flamenco taconeo-, Juan Peña, Sonia González, Patricia Montero, Óscar Higares, Noelia López, Lorena Van Heerde, Espido Freire, Raquel Meroño and many more. “I love Spain. I’ve been to Madrid several times and I really enjoy the people, the food and the weather. ” (We hope it’s not a catch phrase, dear Butler).

Gerard Butler iba para abogado pero cuando le faltaba una semana para licenciarse, fue despedido del bufete donde se formaba a causa de una juerga de las que hacen época. “En ese momento pensé que era el peor día de mi vida, pero hoy lo veo como el mejor porque adoro lo que hago”, y nosotros bendecimos ese giro del destino que nos permite disfrutar de su talento como actor, de su porte, de su mirada, de su voz… Cualidades que se ajustan como un guante al papel de Man of Today, que ejecuta para Boss Bottled desde el año pasado. “Encontré una campaña muy estimulante y diferente. El hecho de que trascendiera la fragancia en sí para definir la masculinidad, inspirar a los hombres a pensar sobre dónde están en el mundo y a actuar en la vida con honestidad, me pareció sutil, elegante y cool“.

Photos at Getty Images:

MADRID, SPAIN – FEBRUARY 03: Gerard Butler presents the Boss Bottled fragrance ‘Man Of Today’ Campaign at the NH Collection Eurobuilding Hotel on February 3, 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images



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