Men’s Health Cover Story – Gerard Butler’s Tips for Success: There Are No Rules

Source: Men’s Health Magazine, October 2008  issue

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Beat stress for good

Pressure comes in many forms—an approaching deadline, a crazy travel schedule, a job search in a tough economy. Taking big risks has taught Gerard Butler a few things about maintaining his calm. Borrow his 4-step plan.

Step 1: Let go of what you can’t control
“I have a very complex process for taking the pressure off myself. It starts with me saying, ‘I can only do what I can do.'” It’s not just a matter of recognizing your limitations, says Butler. It’s recognizing that you can’t affect every outcome, and letting go of those that are out of your control.

Step 2: Don’t hold back with the stuff you can control
The trick isn’t to avoid work, but to avoid stress, says Butler. “When I’m working, that’s on my mind all the time, the faith that has been granted to me by people, the money that has been spent. It seems the best thing I can do to honor it is to work my butt off.”

Step 3: Make time for R&R—rest and recreation
“I don’t want to abuse my success, so I don’t go out partying all the time. I try to get as much rest as I can.” Nor does he sacrifice his workout. “When I’m working in a new place, I’m always thinking, Okay, where are the trails? Where can I go hiking and running?”

Step 4: Remember where you started
“I try to love where I am and what I’m doing. I see it as an honor to do what I do for a living,” says Butler. It takes an incredible amount of work to achieve your goals; that should be a source of great pride during your most stressful times.

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Images in GALS Gallery:  Men’s Health – October 2008 Hosted with permission from Rodale Publishing, Inc. Do not duplicate, alter or post elsewhere.

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