The Cherry Orchard (1999)


In Theaters: 13 November 1999 (Greece)
Rating: Not Rated in the US, Australia: PG, France: U, UK: PG / 141 Minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Michael Cacoyannis


In pre-Revolutionary Russia, Madame Ranevskaya returns to her decaying estate after an exile in Paris. Ranevskaya’s dissolute brother Gaev, her insecure adopted daughter Varya and dotty butler Feers are as ill-prepared for the grim financial realities that threaten their existence as Ranevskaya is. At stake are the estate and its beloved cherry orchard, the pride of this extended family of aristocrats and freed serfs. As spring gives way to summer and memory threatens reason, the family must either find their footing in a Russia turned upside down or flounder in a sea of longing and doubt, a bittersweet luxury that they can literally no longer afford.

Charlotte Rampling as Ranyevskaya
Alan Bates as Gayev
Katrin Cartlidge as Varya
Owen Teale as Lopahin
Tushka Bergen as Anya
Xander Berkeley as Yepihodov
Gerry Butler as Yasha

Film Clip: