One More Kiss (1999)


In Theaters: September 18, 1999 (Canada)
Rating: Not Rated / 97 Minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Vadim Jean


When Sarah Hopson realizes her successful high-rise New York lifestyle is devoid of meaning, she packs her bags and heads for her home town in the Scottish Borders to look for Sam, her childhood sweetheart and the only man she ever loved. Sam Murray runs a restaurant. He and Sarah grew up together and Sam hoped they’d grow old together. His world fell apart the day Sarah left and now she’s back, standing on his doorstep and telling his wife she’d like to spend some time with him.

Valerie Edmond as Sarah
Gerry Butler as Sam
Valerie Gogan as Charlotte
James Cosmo as Frank
Carl Proctor as Barry
Danny Nussbaum as Jude
Dilys Miller as Mary
Ron Guthrie as Robin