Teetotal Gerard Butler honoured by oldest whisky distillery

From The Courier.co.uk

Hollywood star Gerard Butler is putting the “dram” in drama after being honoured by Scotland’s oldest working whisky distillery.

The London Has Fallen actor, who is teetotal, is getting a cask named after him at the Famous Grouse Experience in Crieff.

Paisley-born Butler, 46, is the fourth celebrity to be honoured as part of the ‘Bottle Your Own’ campaign, following in the footsteps of Ewan McGregor, Andy Murray and the Earl and Countess of Strathearn, otherwise known as Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Butler’s single cask was hand-picked by master blender Kirsten Campbell. Limited edition bottles are now available at the distillery shop and online.

Butler, whose latest film Gods of Egypt is in cinemas now, is a regular visitor to Perthshire. His mother Margaret and stepfather Alex live in the village of Comrie.

General manager Stuart Cassels said: “Gerard Butler may be a teetotaller, but he has a great appreciation for his home country. As such he will take his place in distillery history, alongside the other Bottle Your Own celebrities.”

A donation of £2 from every bottle sold will be given to a good cause, Mr Cassels said.

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Becozy fell under Gerry’s spell when she watched Phantom of The Opera for the first time in May 2005, while recovering from knee surgery. She was smitten with the Phantom from the moment his face appeared in the mirror, falling in love during the Music of the Night. After searching the internet for information about the actor able to cast such a spell, she discovered Gerard Butler. Her life, and that of her family, hasn’t been the same since. With Gerry as a common bond, becozy has an expanding world of cyber and real friends.  Her family has greeted her new found ‘hobby’ with enthusiasm and her new friends with a warm welcome. Happily, her husband and two (now adult) children share her admiration of Gerry. Her family knows and understands all Gerry references in their correct context. Mention 3AM, camels, or yellow towels, for example and you’ll get a knowing nod! Over ten years later, as much time as possible each day is spent in the care and nurturing of her Addiction. It is a delicate balancing act to fulfill her duties as wife and mom and her duties as a GAL, but one she is determined to master.


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