Video: Behind the scenes filming Gerry’s commercial for Interliving (German)

Translated from the captions on the video, via Google translate:

The making-of with Gerard Butler on the TV commercial “The essentials are to be seen”

VME Chairman: we are happy to be here on the net today and that the celebrity of Gerard Butler can hopefully make us even better in the living. The ability to make the brand even more beautiful is, for me, the first band and that band received the most attention, of course.

Gerry: That was terrible. Sorry man …
Director: of course to work with such professionals

Cameraman: So with you very relaxed, very precise

Background talking:
…and what is…
Do not you know more?

Gerry: Say once more

Gerry snaps fingers, “Yeah, one more”

Director: Hollywood is a league in itself, that’s the relaxed, very pleasant person with always the same amount of fun

Gerry, attempting to speak German: .was ist das gehen weiẞ dass? Irgendwas ist mehr und du hast mir ja das (What is that going to happen? Something is more and you have me)

Woman: Gerard, that had to be seen now
Gerry: Oh

Caption under video on YouTube:
What happens during a video shoot? Our making-of takes you behind the scenes of our interliving campaign “Das Wesentliche” with Gerard Butler and shows you what happened when shooting the TV commercial. The new TV Spot for the new Interliving campaign with Gerard Butler is here! The campaign focuses on the individual and functional furniture of Interliving. In the TV commercial, the sofa series 4050 is seen alongside Gerard Butler as “the essentials”.

GB GALS Facebook Interliving Album


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