Roundup of Gerry’s #AngelHasFallen on #DespiertaAmerica & Miami Press

Press Agency Photos:




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Broadcast Interviews:


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Video: #DenOfThieves cast on The Breakfast Club

Video: 50 Cent, Gerard Butler, O'Shea Jackson Jr. + Pablo Schreiber Tear Up The Breakfast Club

Great news: @Gerard Butler’s “Remote Control” German rights acquired by Leonine

Leonine has pre-bought German-speaking rights to Gerard Butler action-thriller Remote Control, which is being sold internationally by STX. This is the biggest deal reported so far at this year’s EFM. 2/22/20

Gerry’s video for his Mum

Video: Gerry has the Angel Has Fallen crew sing "Happy Birthday" to his Mum, and wishes her a Happy 75th Birthday and Happy Mother's Day,.

Social Media roundup Gerry in Germany early August 2018

Gerry was in Germany early August, 2018.

Video: Behind the scenes filming Gerry’s commercial for Interliving (German)

Interliving (Germany) campaign, featuring Gerry. Video, translation (German to English) of audio from video included, as well as YouTube description text.