Gerry featured in OLYMP Signature collection

Gerry’s looking fabulous in OLYMP Signature collection shirts.

See them at the link:

Photo slide 1

Photo slide 2

Photo slide 3

Photo slide 4

Photo slide 5

Photo slide 6

Photo slide 7

Video direct link

Additional: Look Book pdf

29.06.2017 OLYMP enters the premium segment with SIGNATURE
excerpt from article with photo, translated via Google:

Mark Bezner is particularly proud to have signed an internationally renowned celebrity brand ambassador for the family business for the first time with Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who has gained global popularity with films such as London Has Fallen, Gods of Egypt and Olympus Has Fallen. “With the personality of Gerard Butler and the appeal of the US film metropolis Hollywood we want to set a signal in the shirt market. Gerard Butler has just the right stature, style and charisma for OLYMP SIGNATURE and embodies the values ​​of the brand and the new product perfectly. He is the ideal choice for this role model, “he explains his decision.



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Video of Gerry with fans today via social media

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