Hunter Killer Applying to Film in Louisiana

The spy thriller ‘Hunter Killer’ was slated to be Alaska’s largest-ever film production, but the Whittier Chamber of Commerce says the film has been postponed due to a lack of snow and uncertain tax credit environment.

Randy Daly, President of the Alaska Film Group, is currently promoting Alaska as a filming location at an industry gathering in Los Angeles…Daly: “The Alaska Film Group is very disappointed that Hunter Killer was pulled from production in the state of Alaska, but as with any business venture, there are uncertainties that we cannot foresee when producing something as large as a major film project.” 

The film had a budget of $80 million and was going to be shot entirely in Whittier. On February 27 they applied for film credits in the state of Louisiana.  Daly: “It’s so imperative that the state of Alaska provide a stable legal environment, a stable business environment and a stable tax environment so when people are trying to make business decisions about film projects of this size and investments in the state of this size that they can count on a stable long-term environment.”

The movie is rumored to star Hollywood actor Gerard Butler and is based on the novel “Firing Point” by George Wallace and Don Keith.


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  1. Gerry já tem dois projetos prontos , um em andamento agora Hunter maravilha :*

    • Gerry’s really been working to get the newest movies out! 😉
      He’s got his filming schedules fine-tuned.
      Gods of Egypt and Geostorm in post-production, London Has Fallen filming, and Hunter Killer next up. 😀


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