HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, @GerardButler! THANKS for everything! #WeAreAllConnected Our gifts to you are our gifts to @MarysMeals! https://t.co/b0Togo3Pbp


What does one get for The Man who has everything? How about a Mary’s Meals school sponsorship? Don’t let the $999 goal fool you. We’re aiming VERY HIGH for GERARD BUTLER’S 50TH BIRTHDAY!!

Our goal? To sponsor a Mary’s Meal school, for a year, IN GERRY’S NAME. Until 12/31/2019, we hope to raise over $5,000. (If we don’t meet this lofty goal, Mary’s Meals will use the funds to feed individual children.)

We can think of no better way to honor Gerry than to provide for hungry children! So… are ye in? Mary’s Meals link for this fundraiser: https://www.marysmealsusa.org/en/fundraising/project/holly-ghere/happy-50th-gerard-butler-1