Greenland Directly to Amazon Prime in October

Greenland will be available to buy on Prime starting October 13 and available to rent beginning on October 27.

More details in article:


  1. Wow. Shame this couldn’t be in OPEN THEATRES. It’s okay, I will buy it. I have a Big Screen and surround sound. Cheaper popcorn and fresh coke. I’ll pay every bit of what I would pay as much as I would at my local Cinimark not showing it!.

  2. Because it’s not a shootem up movie like his last SEVERAL movies, it should be good. Don’t get me wrong, a little drama is great, but a decent storyline with a woman & kid is his better genere. Or Rom/Com. Yeah, I don’t want to stereotype him, but all blood & guts is just not him all the time!


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