Gerry as Ambassador for #FestinaWatches IG Story for Spring Campaign

Gerry, as Ambassador, wishing everyone at Festina Watches in Lisbon good luck as they launch their new campaign. He can’t wait until he can share what “we’ve been working on. “–ZW2XSDZt-bYCMVnS55bA-xrm2uOMSXBdf-hh8cwLNYyogxOEptDGMpnzEoUxOaiKco33vVHtN9_5P5wU-kq4K0X-XGatrZzpx0rKUaJgnoD4U-s72N1WecCxuZxEIjSYXexHBObgjb_JXPggnQcWkDpSAGlayCuhdPUaAngRK-82mGIZvxopPJFxJP8HWiPq8EQfmS–VecXs62JHCx_sZf3vWvZrhhoDygqvnOL6j0LRA&__tn__=-R


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