Gerry at the launch of “Four Sacred Secrets”

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Gerry is 4th photo

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Yes, this is @Usher meditating. I had the honor of shooting a wonderful event echoing #Burner values in #Hollywood. Usher hosted a wonderful launch dinner for @pkconsciousness book #TheFourSacredSecrets. Listening while shooting, so many people were talking about thoughts on making the world a better place through peace and understanding. We hear these types of conversations around our circles of festival friends, and it's truly wonderful hearing echoes of those same sentiments reverberating in the heart of the media center for the world. And everyone there was nicer than you can possibly imagine. I had amazing conversations with @gerardbutler who just attended #BurningMan for the second time this year (and he really gets it). I met so many wonderful people who really seem aligned with  bringing a better message of peace including @melissa_ethridge @maejor @olivertrevena @therealjohnaustin @mrsdaniellecraig @daniellekaruna @farbod__jamali I had a wonderful conversation with Brazilian-born filmmaker @raulguterres who's planning a documentary film to help save the rain forest, and not only can I not wait to see what he does, it's invigorating to be in a room with people actively working this hard to try and guide us to a better future. And especially honored to be here because of dear friends @peterruprecht and @shannonshiang. A year ago Peter saw Usher aligning with wonderful directions in his spirituality and brought him to Burning Man, and recommended me to come shoot. Thanks for thinking of me for this brother, it was an honor to support such a wonderful event. And more than that, it was an honor to take the kind of "curiousJosh" spirit I've worked on to give people an outlet to be personable and warm in photos, especially at such a special event where I hope it helps really convey the feeling beyond what you'd get from normal press photos. I think some people did a double take when I asked "would you like a photo?" where there's not usually a choice, and it felt like it really led them to more smiles. And @radiategood … you're fantastic. It was an pleasure to work on this, and I can't wait to see what other wonderful things you and Harmonica do!

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