Gerry announces #WildBlueYonder an interactive series


Gerry’s produced (G-Base), and provides voice-over for, Wild Blue Yonder inter-active series. He voices Scram, one of the lead characters. Clip and link to download in the post from Gerry. More details in the article from Variety


Read more about it at Variety

Download the App – Stars the voices of Gerard Butler, Evan Peters, Zoey Deutch, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Mireille Enos, Cress Williams, Emily Osment, Taylor Handley, and Anna Akana.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where most of humanity has retreated to the sky. The story follows a fighter pilot, Cola, as she and her family fight to survive. They live on their mother ship, The Dawn, a craft that never refuels and lives on the beams of sunlight high above the clouds. All in the sky would kill to possess it, including the ruthless Judge and his armada. Move your screen side to side to find hidden tokens to unlock bonus content which includes: – Behind the scenes with the actors during their performance – View the pencil, inks, and colors from the original graphic novel along with aircraft info. Featuring 90 minutes of animation from the critically acclaimed six-issue limited graphic novel series by the same name.