Video of Gerry for Ford

Está na hora de conhecer uma nova categoria de carro que une performance e tecnologia para mostrar que não é um sedã convencional. É um Focus Fastback:

Posted by Ford Focus on Monday, August 24, 2015

Source: (Translation via Google)

The charming Scottish actor and producer Gerard Butler stars in commercial campaign that integrates the Focus Fastback, very awaited Ford model.

According to the automaker, it is his “greatest investment” in a communication project this year.

The first in a series of four films comes to the small screen on Monday (24).

The campaign, created by Blue Hive, will also feature material for digital media, parts for print, programmatic and social media.

The automaker says, through communication, which “is launching a new category of car: Fastback”.

“A car with this technological edge deserved a campaign to time, so we mobilized for the realization of a work so great and the presence of an actor like Butler,” argues Oswaldo Ramos, general manager of Ford’s marketing to America southern.

“The presence of Butler translates this spirit and attitude of someone who drives a Fastback, giving the grandeur of the whole campaign entitled Focus Fastback Drive,” said Vico Benevides, executive director of creation of Blue Hive.

The commercial was shot between the 5th and 6th of August, in one of the hangars of the Champ de Mars, in São Paulo. In the performance scenes, Butler himself drove the car. The production team met with over 100 people.

In the final scene, two racing professionals, the Brazilian Michelle Jesus and the Colombian Manuela Vasquez, arrive at the hangar, driving two Ford Focus Fastback. They stop next to the Butler’s car.

In peal, the actor says, “You can not test a machine like this with just a walk around the block.” The agency warns that there will be continuity of the campaign.



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