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Regina Navarro

03/03/2017 18:31

Trying to define modern man is not an easy task. Perhaps that is why resorting to images that meet the keys of the male par excellence would in this case be the option. We proceed: aquamarine eyes, hard gesture and deep voice and envelope. And, oh coincidence, Gerard Butler is all that and more. That is why nobody doubts that the British actor is not only one of the brightest stars in the Hollywood firmament, but also one of the highest representatives of today’s masculinity.

His role in 300 , Zack Snyder ‘s tape for which he is still being asked with a certain recurrence, raised him, showed us his wildest side and, why not say it, forced us to divert attention to his hypermuscular chest more than once They also add a hypermuscular thorax to the initial description. However, the epic also gave a glimpse, between jet and stream of blood, an actor who, although he had been in the circuit for some years, would soon surprise with his roles. “I consider myself a person with great goals, who is enthusiastic about his work and puts dedication in everything he does. But not only professionally, I also try to put that commitment in all areas of life, “Butler explains us choosing each word with care.

Precisely, says Butler, which was his concept of himself, which led Hugo Boss to choose it as an image of his iconic collection Boss Bottled – now growing with the fragrance Boss Bottled Tonic – and star in the campaign Man of Today , In which he reflects on the need to rediscover a perspective with which to focus on the world. “I believe that this self-definition not only encompasses me, but also characterizes the modern man who, at bottom, is only a modern version of the traditional man .” Or, put another way, same values, better torso.

But ironically, there was a time when the British also embodied that traditional man who now sounds far away. It was in his teens, when he decided to abandon his dream of being an actor and, in the dawn of maturity, he believed that a university career would be the best thing for his future. He studied law, was part of small groups of amateur theater and practiced as a lawyer. “At the time I did not care too much whether they said goodbye or not, or whether I continued to work. It was a time when I felt that everything was a disaster, “he laments.

His problems with the drink led him to erase the memories of several dozen nights. His life was derailed when Stephen Berkoff crossed his path – or Butler in that of the director and playwright – and gave him a part in the theatrical assembly Coriolanus . Later came small characters in shorts, occasional glances at the big screen and final goodbye to the glasses. From 27 do not drink.
“I’m glad that fame has come to me mature”

Since then he has not lacked the roles in which he has been villain, delinquent, vengeful father, husband, lover … and even surfer. He has even considered putting himself on the other side of the camera, but he still does not feel prepared. Even so, it has launched to produce some films. Eleven, to be exact. The first Wrath of Gods , in 2006; The latter, Hunter Killer , a complex film starring Butler himself who explores the tense relationship between the US and Russia.

“Every time I work harder, because I am aware that the effort makes us able to reach higher,” he confesses, alluding to the busy schedule he is currently handling. He does so with parsimony and thoroughness, delving into the details. He feels comfortable explaining the bumps of the profession and in a way has logic, because to him Hollywood has treated him well.

In the meantime, meanwhile, two projects that are released at the end of the year. «One is the science fiction film Geostorm . It deals with global warming and the effects it is causing to the environment, with natural phenomena that threaten humanity. All the nations of our planet should come together to take action to control the environment and try to figure out what’s really going on, “he explains visibly enthusiastically. The other is Den of Thieves , a dark thriller that tells the story of criminals targeting the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.

Actor, producer and who knows if someday director. Sorry, but for all that, it takes more than a torso.



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