#HunterKiller UK One Sheet Poster

Extra large version at IMP Awards, showing Oct. 19th UK release date, and featuring Gerry and Gary Oldman




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Gerry arrives in Greece March 11, 2020 media roundup

https://youtu.be/UJR-HfKPwzE https://youtu.be/q7rPlIQXFo8 https://youtu.be/Mya_Wtg75HU https://www.instagram.com/p/B9mCZ4PJ2qT/ Imagio March 11, 2020, Athens, Greece: Actor GERARD BUTLER arrived in his hotel in Athens. Butler is to run in the Olympic Torch...

David Buckley Scoring Ric Roman Waugh’s ‘Kandahar’

Film Music Reporter: David Buckley will score Kandahar.

The Ugly Truth (2009)

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler star in this wildly funny battle of the sexes. Abby (Heigl), a successful morning show producer, is looking for a lot in a man. Mike (Butler), her obnoxious TV star, knows men only want one thing.

Soulcycle Gerry – Saturday Sept. 26, 2015

Gerry spotted at the SoulCycle in Malibu on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Press photos of Gerry filming Keepers

Five photos via Daily Mirror at Keepers location Mull of Galloway.