Gerry’s Paisley Pizza treat

HOLLYWOOD heartthrob Gerard Butler treated a bar full of football fans to free pizza during a visit to his home town.

The 300 star was visiting relatives in Paisley when he stopped off at the town’s Argyll Bar to watch Scotland draw 1-1 with Ireland.

A regular said: “Everyone was there to see the football but, all of a sudden, Gerard Butler appeared.

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s not every day a Hollywood A-lister pops into your local.”

And Butler, 45, paid for dinner for everyone.

The drinker said: “People were getting their picture taken with him and he bought pizza and pakora for everyone.

“There was a bit of banter about him saying in interviews that he was from Ralston when he actually lived in Gallowhill as a boy but it was all in good fun and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

“He was a really genuine guy and it was a nice surprise to see him back in Paisley.”

Delighted Stacey Thomson got her photo taken with the hunk in Gallowhill, where he has relatives.

She said: “My mum lives just across from the shops in Netherhill Road and I was so lucky to spot Gerard.

“Mum was out in her housecoat and was chinning him to buy her a house.

“He was so lovely. He’s an absolute legend.

“We’d just had our lunch though and my wee one had spilled gravy on me. I wish I was more prepared.”

Butler, 45, grew up in Paisley and trained to be a lawyer before he decided to pursue his dream of acting.

With star roles in action-packed blockbusters such as Law Abiding Citizen and Machine Gun Preacher, he is now one of the biggest names in Hollywood.


Thank you to LornaM for the scan!




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