New issue of “Free Car Magazine” feature on Gerry’s #TimeToLive campaign for Festina Watches

The new issue has arrived..

This Week We’ve gone a bit catwalk crazy this issue and discovered that Free Car Mag’s new favourite imaginary girlfriend is Gigi Hadid. The fact that she climbs behind the wheel of a BMW M2 and plays tricks with our minds adds to her appeal. Both are true supermodels.

Then there is DS and Givenchy, a fashionable connection which is highly appropriate and we watch Gerard Butler muck about for a day wearing his Festina watch. However, What really surprised us was the fact that Bugatti as well as making supersonic cars also do leather jackets.

There is some proper car stuff when we look at used Audi UK and also draw your attention to a remarkable film, Senna vs Brundle, which you can download and enjoy.


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