Hollywood at Douglas – that meant: Smartphones in continuous use and female fans in a state of emergency! No wonder, was actor Gerard Butler as a brand ambassador of Boss Bottled in person at the premiere of the new fragrance Boss Bottled Intense.

My shoes look as if I was at a concert in which the audience jumping in ecstasy – and accidentally land on the feet of the other. Several little quirks of heels on my shoe caps. But I have not noticed until later. I was too distracted by Gerard.

“Gerard, I love you,” screamed a high voice somewhere back of the room. I watched from the front row, as the Hollywood star sprayed his charm with Douglas.



Tirelessly and present beamed Gerard Butler in an estimated $ 200 smart phones, with which his fans wanted to immortalize her big moment with him. A photo and an autograph there was for all who came. One by one they came on stage. Before that precisely align the hair, then get ready the camera – it had to go fast. And yet: Gerard Butler was not a single meeting to be desired.

Nix with generic “Nice to meet you” -Floskeln. Every single he received with an individual greeting. For example, the young woman did not dare to look in his eyes with excitement. He reached gently for her shoulder and positioned it next to him, so that they could take their snapshot.

Others were there less restrained. Gerard was hugged tidy that night and smooching on the cheek. In between, he grimaced for me (well, rather in my camera, but no matter), made jokes and kept the happy, the more nervous in line jostling behind me.

Even the end of the event, when the actor is opened towards the exit, it was still hard to get through to him. “Gerard!” – Calls on all sides, price tags toppled from the shelves, even a few product-stand in the hall fell in the heat of battle. And then it was over: Gerard blinked his fans one last time to charismatic.

By the way: The Scotsman’s with films like “300” or “PS I love you “became famous. As Boss Bottled brand ambassador, he embodies strength, charm and style. I’ve seen how good he is in it – and sympathetic.

your Aya

Report and Photos by Alle Beiträge

Becozy fell under Gerry’s spell when she watched Phantom of The Opera for the first time in May 2005, while recovering from knee surgery. She was smitten with the Phantom from the moment his face appeared in the mirror, falling in love during the Music of the Night. After searching the internet for information about the actor able to cast such a spell, she discovered Gerard Butler. Her life, and that of her family, hasn’t been the same since. With Gerry as a common bond, becozy has an expanding world of cyber and real friends.  Her family has greeted her new found ‘hobby’ with enthusiasm and her new friends with a warm welcome. Happily, her husband and two (now adult) children share her admiration of Gerry. Her family knows and understands all Gerry references in their correct context. Mention 3AM, camels, or yellow towels, for example and you’ll get a knowing nod! Over ten years later, as much time as possible each day is spent in the care and nurturing of her Addiction. It is a delicate balancing act to fulfill her duties as wife and mom and her duties as a GAL, but one she is determined to master.


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