Gerry has addressed this issue on his social media:

BEWARE of fraudulent @gerardbutler accounts floating around Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Gerry will not seek money “behind the scenes.” Do not share personal info/cell numbers with these scammers. The images/video we have seen are “manipulated.” Be diligent!

If you are contacted, the best course is to report the account to the platform.

We report any fraudulent accounts we find, and encourage you to do the same. Gerry’s team is aware of this, and they do their best to report/remove offending accounts.

Becozy fell under Gerry’s spell when she watched Phantom of The Opera for the first time in May 2005, while recovering from knee surgery. She was smitten with the Phantom from the moment his face appeared in the mirror, falling in love during the Music of the Night. After searching the internet for information about the actor able to cast such a spell, she discovered Gerard Butler. Her life, and that of her family, hasn’t been the same since. With Gerry as a common bond, becozy has an expanding world of cyber and real friends.  Her family has greeted her new found ‘hobby’ with enthusiasm and her new friends with a warm welcome. Happily, her husband and two (now adult) children share her admiration of Gerry. Her family knows and understands all Gerry references in their correct context. Mention 3AM, camels, or yellow towels, for example and you’ll get a knowing nod! Over ten years later, as much time as possible each day is spent in the care and nurturing of her Addiction. It is a delicate balancing act to fulfill her duties as wife and mom and her duties as a GAL, but one she is determined to master.


  1. This is good to no. I have been hit on 5 or 6 times, offering undying love to me and wanting money for Mary’s meals. I have someone now claiming to be gerry butler who hit me on Pinterest and and now Google hangouts. I can’t seem to get away from it or stop it. I have been scammed in the past because I was stupid enough to believe. But no more.
    Kind regards
    Rachel Carter,

  2. Yes, in Germany he is also on Instagram, he calls himself officially wangmichael58 but if you
    chat with him, he introduces himself as Gerard Butler and the phone number is the same.
    Unfortunately, there are enough women there are so stupid to believe he is really is.

  3. I wouldn’t say that women are stupid but vulnerable. Because they have a way of getting into your head twisting your brain until you can’t even think for yourself. And yes I was one fell for everything that was said. And I have multiple emails from him here goes bu*************@gm***.com, bu****************@gm***.com, bu*************@gm***.com, pr**********************@gm***.com, and one Instagram account I remember is personal_page_of_gerard_butler it had a a blue dot not a blue check mark looked real enough. Also this account was also working with another Instagram account james_edison_1 who he claimed was his agent. I have all information on what I went through and also filed a police report with the city police where I live and also with the Canadian antifraud center. So if this actually does get to the real gerard butler I would be more than happy to discuss this. But I know that I probably won’t hear anything from them.

  4. I don’t think it’s women are stupid it’s that they are vulnerable and they are very good at messing with their minds especially when they are vulnerable. I should know because I did fall victim to it. I have multiple email addresses for him bu*************@gm***.com, bu******************@gm***.com, bu*************@gm***.com, pr**********************@gm***.com kept changing email address because said oh I was hacked. Also an Instagram account personal_page_of_gerard_butler it has a blue dot on it not a check mark but seems real. He was also working with another Instagram account james_edison_1 who he claimed was his agent. They are so good at what they do and how they manipulate you especially when you are not thinking straight about anything. I have filed a police report with my city police and also with the Canadian Anitifraud Centre.

  5. I have been messaged constantly via Instagram and them got told to move conversation over to Google hangouts which I was stupid enough to download and started chatting, stupid to send a picture of me only to realize they are wanting money. Only then alarm bells went off but they still begging me for the money and I will have everything. I will be sorted for the rest of my life if i can help “him” out….

  6. I have just finished chatting with a man who claims to be Gerry on Instagram: officielgerardbutler04. He asked me to download WhatsApp and asked for my number. Claims that it is his private page.

  7. This fraudster got to me too. Thankfully I am a sceptic and when he ssked me to be a beneficiary. I told him I wanted a video chat first. Suddenly the sweet demeaner was gone and there was a bit of anger. The email he used was Ge***************@gm***.com. The instagram he used on me is gone now, and so is the Twitter. Please be careful, this guy can be charming.

  8. Hallo, mijn moeder heeft hiermee van doen. Sinds april 2019. Wij weten dat het fake is. Maar onze moeder lijkt wel gehersenspoeld. Ook continue wisselen van Whatsapp, maar hangout of anders. Hij doet alsof hij mijn moeder wat schenken wil, auto, diamanten, geld.
    Nu vraagt hij om een creditcard, en PayPal om geld op te kunnen storten.
    Deze situatie heeft nu zelfs een scheiding in zijn werk gezet. (Mijn ouders zijn 37 jaar getrouwd) Gerard kan zijn reputatie niet aantasten, om met een getrouwde vrouw om te gaan.
    Hij wilde na 2 weken op de chat al met haar mijn moeder trouwen.
    Wij proberen onze moeder te overtuigen van dit sprookje, maar ze neemt niks aan van ons. Ze leeft alleen voor het contact met hem op de telefoon.
    Wij kunnen niet tot haar komen.

  9. I’ve just been through the same. Got followed on Intagram then onto Google hangouts, got the I love you, we will be a couple, I will take you to live in America. Then was asked to let a company delivery a Parcel containing an award. I did say send it but used a take address. Was following the Parcel then told the company I didn’t want it, would cost me 700 dollars to send back so I told them to continue sendng. Then the Parcel was stopped in Germany and examined. It contained money and a award. I would have to send £2000 to get permission to get it delivered if I didn’t I would be in big trouble with the authorities, I did get a bit worried but wouldn’t send money.
    All through this be was begging me to send money say I will get it back when I get the parcel. Her even sent bank details so I could log onto his bank account to see how much money he had but wasn’t able to touch because others were not control of it.
    When I said I didn’t have money he wanted me to ask people for it. In the end I was called all the names under the sun, was a liar.
    I did ask for video chat said no, did get a couple of pics.
    I can understand how easy it can be for someone to get inside your head, even now I think was he real of not.

    • I have this award thingy right now. I knew it was a parcel scam right off the bat, but I’m stringing this perp along, bc I hope he’ll loose his temper. These scumbags are just sick. I sent an email to the so called company (I have an email account just for things like that, and it doesn’t contain any personal info, or my real name), and they asked me how the waether was over here. That’s typical for Nigerians. So please ladies, be careful! And of course, there is no parcel and no award.

  10. Hi I think my mum is being scammed by a gerard account she has has a few claiming to be them but this one has given her a what’s app number +1213-537-4389 he has told her he would put money in her bank acc but she he had set up mobile banking and she was something about authorisation code I was blue in the face saying he wouldn’t need these details but she was having non of it can someone please explain what he is actually doing as my mum lying now and not explaining cause she ain’t got a clue please someone help me out

  11. My scammer used this number on WhatsApp – it is a business account but I ignore the difference with a normal one: +15623678006

  12. Could you tell me if Gerard Butler international is his page or a fan page, because you can send a message by messenger. Thanks girls!

  13. Gerard Butler scammer has been soliciting me for money as well ! 2000.00 :: he’s on hangouts and uses the bu********@gm***.com! He also used a Ottawa phone number and he also went to WhatsApp! He’ gets dirty when you call him out ! Beware:: it’s the scammer ways !

  14. Hello
    Can you tell me if in instagram the account
    Gerardbutlerreal is yours original or us fake

  15. Hallo, Könnt ihr mir bitte sagen ob er Account auf Instagram ….gerard butler _fanpage 0035..real ist oder ein fake?

  16. Well…here is another fake email about Gerard Butler. Ge*************@gm***.com As i told him that know he said he only have 3 social media accounts and wouldn’t ever write private at platforms he wanted me to have a video chat to make sure that he is it. LoL

    • NEVER call out scammers! They will change their tactics, but they’ll never stop. Just block and ignore them, do not engage in conversation with them, as they will feel like they’re doing something right. If you want to bait them, search for help with that in forums who ahve specialized on scambaiting.

  17. Hallo Guten Morgen
    Schreibt Gerard Butler eigentlich mit seinen Fans falls ja, wie kann man herausfinden ob es sich um ein Fake handelt oder nicht?
    Ich wurde über Instargram angeschrieben, bis jetzt ganz harmloses schreiben ohne Bilder Austausch und ohne verlangen von irgendeiner Angabe an einem Betrag zahlen zu müssen, aber auf einmal Funkstille.
    Würde der echte Gerard Butler eigentlich mit seinen Fans schreiben?
    Dankeschön im Voraus für hilfreiche Antworten.

    • Gerry will NOT contact fans on Social Media nor via email.
      GALS reports all fraudulent accounts to the platform on which they are located and we urge everyone to do the same!
      Gerry himself issued a warning on December 18, 2019 on his social media accounts:

  18. Well …must say there a lot busy, with scaming , this is crazy , hope Gerry or gerard butler is a ware , becaus this is bad realy bad and sad no one dissurves to be treated that way, no one , i blocked and rapported but they keep coming ,something must be done about it realy
    Greetings Els

    • Gerry is aware, and issued a notice on his Verified Social Media accounts last December.Link in out Topic post above.

      This is a problem for many celebrities, not just Gerry. Unfortunately, it is up to each of us to be aware while using the internet and social media sites.

      We encourage reporting fraudulent accounts to the platform on which it was received/found, so it can be removed or inactivated.

      Stay safe!

  19. Hi i have taken it on myself and opened a ig account to try and make fans aware they are talking to fakes scammers my goal is to stop all fans talking with them gonna be hard i know im happy with myself i got twelve yesterday shut down on my 6 today some of gerry fans have said it has helped so that is a good achievement for me even just chatting with the ladies who have lost lots of money and of. Corse fell in love sad really how they get away with it some of gerry fans say they have had enough some are saying now its good to see something being done about it fingers crossed it carries on being a success not sure if gerry knows or his team he may find out one day keep safe all take ❤ care love We***************@gm***.com
    This is the ig account bottom one

  20. Hallo, könnt ihr mir bitte sagen ob diese email ein fake ist……ge******************@gm***.com

    ich schreibe seit einiger zeit mit “Gerard” ich hatte immer meine zweifel ob er das ist, weil ich ja schon bekannt war das er niemals sich mit fans unterhält, auf keiner socialmedia seite……..heute ist aber definitiv der zeitpunkt das ich glaube mit einem FAKE zu schreiben, weil die sprache auf “GELD” kommt….ich habe diese FAKE ACCOUNTS schon so satt und ich finde es unverschämt sich bei wirklich grossen FANS als “Gerard Butler” so einzuschleimen …….ich werde diesen Menschen noch eine Weile hinhalten falls ihr Zeit braucht das zu checken, bitte schickt mir auf meine Email Adresse wenn ihr was rausgefunden habt.
    ich danke Euch recht herzlich….lg. Andrea

  21. I’m in touch with ge*************@go********.com on Hangouts. The Instagram page is @gerardbutler4_life. The site looks like a fan site at first, but if you look very closely, it’s pretty obvious that this perp just duped Gerrys Instagram page. I had a few celebrity scammers who contacted me, and I love to mess around with them. I reported the account to Instagram multiple times, but they won’t delete it.
    Keep up your great work, GALS 🙂

    • We don’t recommend engaging with fraudulent accounts.
      Please use caution, report them, block them, ignore them.
      Be safe.
      ~Barb, Admin at GALS

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