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02 May, 2018
Gerard Butler plays percussion in downtown Plovdiv (VIDEO)

Hollywood star ate lamb and ribbons in Hemingway with a company surprise everyone with an outdoor concert

Cat and Mouse recommended him to climb on the top of Bunardzhika to watch the sunset

Gerard Butler took the role of a musician in the center of the city yesterday. The Hollywood star plays percussion during his lunch at Hemingway Restaurant. The actor surprised the clients and staff of the elite restaurant with an improvised outdoor concert and deserved the applause of everyone. Exactly “directed” by the percussionist Stoyan and the singer Galya, Butler did a perfect job in his solo, although for the first time he was behind such a musical instrument. “Just show me,” he turned to the professional musician for a short lesson, then caught the rhythm and played the percussion himself. Great man. Extremely responsive and positive. And unreal earth. He shot with everyone and made this extraordinary show of percussion, impressed by the witnesses of the star improvisation.

Under the hill he learned that Butler and his company had lunch with sea bass, shrimps, squid, salmon, lamb, pork ribs, salads and brussets. And for dessert, the actor ordered a tremendous delicious melon from Dolce Fellini Pastry & Jellyrie.

Photo: Hollywood Ace gets recommendations at the Bar in Cat and Mouse

After the Hemingway culinary and music program, Butler walked around the city. Of course, he also visited Kapana. Do not miss out on the cake bar Cat and Mouse. The actor came not for a recommendation from the long beer menu at the club. He needed a guide. Bartender Andrey recommended the Hollywood Ace to be Lost in Plovdiv . It is imperative to go to the top of Bunardzhika to see the sunset from above.

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02 May, 2018
Gerard Butler took over Plovdiv

Hollywood star touring the city

He ate at the Hemingway restaurant, and turned to Cat and Mouse

Hollywood actor Gerard Butler was on a one-day rest in Plovdiv, saw Under The Hippo. The star uses the pause between the “Code: EL” and the Labor Day decides to organize an adventure in the city under the hills.

In the company of other New Boyana filmmakers, Butler made a long tour of the city. Do not miss to look at the Old City, immerse yourself in the scary life of Trap. He ate at the Hemingway restaurant and went to the Cat and Mish Bar where he received recommendations for city experiences from Lost In Plovdiv.

Butler is in Bulgaria for filming the “Code: EL” action in the studio of New Boyana. He will again play Mike Banning as the action in the third film of the series will develop on board an airplane. Nick Nolti, Jida Pinkett Smith and Morgan Freeman will be part of the band.


Джерард Бътлър в Капана, Пловдив

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With my favourite actor #gerardbutler

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A Great actor in Hemingway! Gerard Butler…

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Gerard Butler is the new addition to the music group of a Plovdiv restaurant

🖤 #reunion #gerardbutler

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