Gerry new photoshoot featured in for Boss #ManOfToday


From Moda/Czech Republic–19339

Fresh new men’s BOSS Bottled TONIC of BOSS Bottled an iconic family is everything from your scent could desire of modern man on his way to success. Exactly this is Gerard Butler, face fragrance BOSS Bottled TONIC.
Fresh and ready to succeed

In its composition, the new BOSS Bottled TONIC encrypted everything a modern man needs to put its surroundings and nonverbally indicate that it is he who will be here to celebrate the victory.

Unquestionably masculine scent is fresh and elegant sophisticated mix of citrus, spicy and woody notes together forming a new dimension to the concept of classic scents, to which are inextricably linked and iconic flacon BOSS Bottled.

This time, in a fresh shade of blue that perfectly illustrates crisp and vibrant scent in your heart with the power to change every moment of the day in a moment full of refreshment.