Gerard Butler to Esquire UK: What I’ve Learned


What I’ve Learned article and photo from Equire UK:

Article by Olivia Ovenden:

“Arrestingly handsome” is a cliché that should be treated with caution, but it is what springs to mind when Gerard Butler walks into the room in a well-fitted dark suit accessorised with winter tan and low-key stubble. Flashing a warm smile and laughing, he barks “ready!” and offers me the better seat – it’s immediately clear a day stuck in a Soho hotel room hasn’t harmed his manners.

Best known for his brutish roles in films like 300 and Olympus Has Fallen, today Butler is in London as an ambassador for Hugo Boss. He we talk to him about being confused with Russell Crowe, taking a motorcycle trip through Utah and what life has taught him so far.

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